Collaboratively Empowering Clients


Children - Play Therapy

My passion is working with children. I use a directive play therapy approach.  We will use games, art, and other therapeutically designed interventions to bring to light the child/adolescent’s inner struggles.  I believe that the child or adolescent has the tools to fix themselves; however, the child uses a different language than adults.  As Garry Landreth, the founder of Child-Centered Play Therapy, says, play is a child’s language and toys are their words. I help the child make sense of his world through playing with the child. I have experience with children struggling through divorce, school performance, anxiety, sibling rivalry, and social problems.

A child will use play therapy to express whatever distress s/he feels through play. Children have strong feelings, but do not have the vocabulary to express them like adults do. So they express it through play. A child will come into a play therapy session and might play the same theme over and over again, session to session. But that, to me, means progress! That means that the narrative the child is playing out is changing every session, little by little. With my aid through play therapy, the child processes what s/he needs to in each session. 


Individuals - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

I use mostly Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with clients who come in as individuals unless I feel that their goals would be better facilitated by another theory of therapy. Together, my client and I will explore their behaviors and thoughts, figure out what they would like to see in themselves, and collaboratively make a plan to carry out the individual’s goals. I help individuals with anxiety, depression, various levels of stress including performance anxiety, those struggling with anger, and more.

We will recognize the stories they have told themselves throughout their life and challenge them together. By challenging these stories and underlying assumptions we have believed our whole lives, we can begin to change our beliefs and behaviors.


Couples - Emotionally Focused Therapy

When a couple comes into my therapy room, I use Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).  It is attachment-based and well-researched short-term model of couple therapy. I help couples feel safe, secure, and heard by their partner in order to nurture connection and attain their goals for therapy. Partners need to be able to hear each other and recognize their own unmet needs in order to become a successful couple.